Writing off car organizations: how to make everything quick and easy

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Writing off car organizations: how to make everything quick and easy

By Lynwood Sicilian 0 Comment February 10, 2020

On the balance sheet of large companies can be cars of different types. These are trucks, vans, tractors, multi-stops, buses and minibusses, cars, trailers, special equipment, for example, tractors, loaders, drilling machines. Over time, the machines become unusable: they break down so that restoration is impractical or have an accident. Cars that have not been used for more than six months since the expiration of the vehicle inspection also become worthless. Then you need to write off the unnecessary transport and send it to the scrap. From Skrota bilen you can find the best deal now.

How to write off a truck, company car and dispose of it?

In order to remove a car from the balance sheet due to disposal, you need to go to the traffic police to remove the car from the register. To do this, select a representative with a power of attorney. He takes with him a passport, documents for the car signs, certificate of registration, registration certificate, etc and writes applications for deregistration in the traffic police.

Skrota bilen

After this, it is necessary to draw up an act of cancellation of the vehicle, which contains all the data of the car year of manufacture, mileage, initial and final cost, etc and the reason for the cancellation. Disposal of a truck and any other vehicle and all waste fluids must be carried out in accordance with the law. Improper disposal and burial damage the environment, as well as lawsuits and fines.

After decommissioning of special equipment: scrap with us

With the help from the traffic police, you can tackle the issue of recycling the vehicle. Our experts will take full responsibility before the law: we will draw up all the necessary documents, pick up the car from any place convenient for you, and we will carry out the removal and burial or processing in accordance with Belarusian law. Organizations can also deliver the car on their own to the recycling center:

  • High level of service.
  • Punctuality and responsibility of the staff.
  • Mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

How to dispose of a car

What you need to dispose of the car. How to remove the car from the register for recycling? What documents to submit to the traffic police. Can they dispose of cars abandoned in the yards?

Why do I need a car recycling?

Recycling a car eliminates the need to pay an annual transport tax. Disposal is possible even if nothing is left of the car. The state fee for the procedure of withdrawal from the account in connection with the disposal is not charged. To dispose of a car, you need to:

  • Make recycling.
  • Remove the car with the registration account in the traffic police.

How to dispose of the car?

Dispose of car you can with the help of private companies involved in recycling. Conditions and costs need to be clarified, in different companies, they may vary. In return, you will receive a certificate (act) of disposal, confirming the destruction of the vehicle.

How to remove a car from the register?

To remove the car from the register in connection with the disposal, prepare a package of documents:

  • A statement of withdrawal from the account in connection with the disposal,
  • Document proving identity,

With these documents, come to one of the registration departments of the traffic police. Enroll at the reception you can also online.