The very best wedding DJ tips

wedding dj yorkshire

The very best wedding DJ tips

By Romana Fraleigh 0 Comment July 19, 2019

Finding the perfect wedding DJ is not a matter of life or death, but it comes pretty close. We are talking about the most special party of your life. That is why we have collected our best wedding DJ tips, especially for you based on our many years of experience. Experts know exactly what to look for when you want to hire a wedding DJ. That makes your choice a lot easier and the chance of a great evening a lot bigger. Is the ultimate golden tip among you? Then vote with us, because your opinion is very valuable for other couples. You can go to the wedding dj yorkshire there.

wedding dj yorkshire

Check reviews and customer experiences

Read reviews; the internet is full of experiences of bridal couples that preceded you. On The Perfect Wedding, you can read many reviews about wedding DJs. You can also read the opinions of other couples on Facebook, Tell customers and Google. Do you always pay attention to quality marks? In this case: you don’t have to, because such a label is simply for sale and therefore says nothing about the quality of your wedding DJ. Can’t find anything about the wedding DJ you have in mind? Then it’s better to book another wedding DJ.

Book a DJ from the neighborhood

Hiring a wedding DJ from your own neighborhood is a handy choice. Think first from a practical point of view. Little travel time, few travel costs and a smaller risk of traffic jams and delays en route. Also quite important: he knows the language or dialect from your region, knows which jokes he gets away with and how he can create an atmosphere that makes your guests feel comfortable. DJs therefore, always come to you from the region.

Hire a DJ who knows the location well

Has your wedding DJ played at your wedding location more often? You benefit from that. He knows exactly what equipment to bring, what the possibilities are of the location, and knows the owners. This ensures that everything runs smoothly in a friendly atmosphere.

Find a wedding DJ with experience

It’s great that your cousin Daan has just started DJing. He must above all continue to do so but not at your wedding. Does it save money? Yes. Can ten thousand things go wrong? Fat yes. An experienced wedding DJ knows how to build the atmosphere has the best equipment and takes your wishes into account. This way, he gets everyone on the dancing food. Keep in mind to use only images without copyright. Here is a good guide how to find images.

Ask for a backup plan for DJ illness

Most wedding DJs prefer to cut off their arm rather than cancel you, but sometimes it really can’t be otherwise. Ill is sick. It is useful if you take that type of disaster scenario into account. Request a backup in case of illness or other emergencies. Have this properly recorded in the quotation and make sure that it is also included in the price so that you will not be faced with any surprises. Professionals arrange this as standard for you so that nothing stands in the way of your wedding party.