The Finer Choices for Essential Quora Partner Program

quora partner program

The Finer Choices for Essential Quora Partner Program

By Tommy Auble 0 Comment February 13, 2020

An affiliate program is an advertising tool that offers the participant of the system a share of the income that the participant will bring to the organizer. In the article, we will look at how to choose an affiliate program suitable for ourselves, as well as how to go with the quora partner program .

Payout schemes

Payment per sale (pay-per-sale)

  • The main topics of use: computer and mobile games, ordinary goods (books, cosmetics).


  • Transferring money for a specific action (filling out registration, subscribing to a newsletter, fill out a survey).
  • The main topics of use: dating sites, online games, virtual currency exchange offices.


  • Paying money per click on the link leading from your site.
  • Pay per impression is the most common ad payout model.

In the last two schemes, you need to have good attendance in order to make decent money on the affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Quality Criteria

Program Terms

  • The amount of remuneration, the presence of a payment threshold, the frequency of payments.
  • The commission may be different: fixed or from a certain percentage.
  • Commission payments should be made at least once a week.
  • Payment thresholds may also be, depending on the program model.

Withdrawal system

Typically, funds are withdrawn to payment systems (WebMoney, for example). Withdrawal through payment systems is difficult to carry out in accounting and taken into account as the company’s income, and when using the white affiliate program, you will need too much data.

quora partner program

Program Representative and Warranties

A product or service should have a website or blog where there is information about both the company and the product. It is necessary to collect feedback on the affiliate program.

Affiliate network availability

Give partners the opportunity to earn more on the program through their sub-partners.

Payout from purchases

There may be a one-time payment. There may be a percentage of the first and subsequent purchases. It all depends on the model of the affiliate program.

Program support

  • Information materials, consultations, advice, forum, etc.
  • High level of affiliate statistics
  • Enough tools to get information about the work done, monitoring and analysis).

Useful Tips

  • Create a program that has more than one product, but a product line. For example, having more than one product is easier to earn more.
  • Actively promote affiliate programs. Use forums, blogs, social networks, etc.
  • The incentive system for active partners: if you make more sales, the percentage of profit rises.
  • You should not require serious financial investments from a partner. Only investment in time and mental labor.
  • Advertising of a product or service should harmoniously fit into the partner’s website.

How to create your affiliate program?

You can implement an affiliate program in various ways:

  • Hire a programmer to create your own affiliate program.
  • Expensive, many artists, maximum flexibility for your needs.

The most correct approach

Use affiliate program aggregators. You register in services, for example, City ads, Ad1 as an advertiser, create your own program with your conditions. This method is good for online stores. Free, but the aggregator takes its percentage. Sets of ready-made scripts are easy to integrate into many sites. There is the availability of statistics, withdrawal of funds to popular payment systems free and paid options for using services.


An affiliate program can give a serious impetus to your business.