The Finer Aspects of Towing

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The Finer Aspects of Towing

By Lynwood Sicilian 0 Comment June 27, 2020

Driving a vehicle towing a trailer requires great adaptability and good reflexes, hence the importance of taking the necessary precautions when you are driving. Are you planning a summer vacation in VR? Here are some practical tips for meeting the challenge without worry. For towing san jose this is an important matter.

Drive a trailer carefully

Any holder of a Class 5 driver’s license can drive an RV or a vehicle pulling a trailer, but he will be required to question his driving. Driving a trailer or tent-trailer safely requires trucker’s reflexes and a keen sense of observation. If you are intimidated by the idea, be aware that driving schools offer a tailor-made course to master driving a vehicle with a trailer. This practical and theoretical training of three hours should be enough to put you in confidence before hitting the road.

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Play it safe

Driving with a trailer requires certain precautions that guarantee not only your safety but that of others. As the vehicle is heavier, the braking distance will be much longer. Keep this idea in mind during mandatory stops and avoid following too closely the car in front. Ideally, there should be a distance of a few seconds between your vehicle and those with which you share the road. The imposing dimensions of trailers, tent trailers and other trailers make them more sensitive to wind. Keeping a reasonable speed is the best way to keep the steering wheel in hand and prevent a possible gale. Lane change, overtaking, turning: each manoeuvre must be carried out gently, otherwise, you risk losing control of the vehicle. Slow down when entering curves and avoid sudden decelerations, which could cause a loss of tension on the coupling pole and cause a lurch. Staying calm and driving carefully will make the journey much more pleasant.

Keep an eye out

The imposing dimensions of a vehicle pulling a trailer or tent-trailer obviously have an effect on blind spots, which become more pronounced. If a driver starts an overtaking manoeuvre on the highway, you will lose sight of their car for a long time, hence the importance of staying alert at all times. Take a good look at the road signs and take into account the height and width of your trailer when you pass under a viaduct or when you cross a toll booth.

The signs indicating the maximum height do not only apply to transport trucks:

They also concern you when you are driving an RV. Electric branches and wires are obstacles that can hinder the passage of your car. Before entering a service area, take care to make sure that the space configuration will allow your vehicle to move easily around the building and that you will be able to make the required turns. By adapting your driving to the specifics of a vehicle with a trailer, you will be able to avoid glitches that could arise. Before setting sail, take a few strolls in the surroundings to familiarize you with this type of driving.


You will see: these few hours of practice will be returned to you a hundredfold when you go on an adventure. You will be able to avoid any glitches that may arise. Before setting sail, take a few strolls in the surroundings to familiarize you with this type of driving.