The best of Roof Cleaning Now

roof cleaning in london

The best of Roof Cleaning Now

By Romana Fraleigh 0 Comment October 6, 2019

Taking care of roofs is also part of taking care of tiles. Of the house as a whole: In addition to improving its appearance and preserving its internal structure, it helps in valuing the property when selling. As the roofs are exposed to sunlight and rain, it is normal to wear and accumulate dirt and mold after a while. It may show over time some stains and mold that make it look old. Washing it properly and safely will make it look more elegant and new. Here are some prerequisite tips for good roof cleaning in london .

roof cleaning in london

Be careful of the power of the water as it can displace tiles or even break them. If there is a buildup of leaves or objects, you can use a leaf blower to remove them. In this case, wear safety goggles to prevent shrapnel from reaching your eyes. Begin cleaning the highest point using gravity and the shape of the roof to your advantage. This way the water will drain and wash the tiles naturally. Get off the roof washing the place gradually. Work neatly, washing the rows in parallel.

Suitable products for roof cleaning

You can use some roof cleaning products. They can be purchased at stores that sell building materials and if you do not find them, no problem. Use neutral detergent. Avoid soaps with dyes or harsh products such as disinfectants. They can stain the tiles. If the roof is already stained, you can use a bleach solution diluted with water. Put half a liter of the product in a bucket with about two liters of water. Rub it on the tile using a washing brush or a broom. Remember that most cleaning products have some kind of chemical reaction under the sun. This is another reason for maintenance on cloudy days or in the morning.

Gutter Cleaning

The gutter should be cleaned after the roof. Use a leaf blower or pressure washer to remove thicker dirt. Sweep down the trough and collect the waste with a trowel or garden shovel. This will prevent clogging. Avoid filling the gutter with water because being overweight can cause it to sag.

Tile Repair

When cleaning the roof, the homeowner may notice small holes or completely broken tiles. Take the time to resolve this issue. One of the functions of the roof is to protect the timber that supports it. Rainwater can rot it. Holes in the tiles can be repaired using a thermal blanket. This material has a sticky base that you can use to plug the hole without any problem because it is a very sturdy object. If the tile is completely broken, it will need to be replaced. Since changing tiles requires spare parts, make sure you have a few pieces stored.

Consider hiring a professional

Not everyone is willing to perform all these steps to have a clean roof. In this case, an interesting option is to hire a surrogate husband. This professional can clean the roof quickly and safely, giving the resident time to take care of other tasks or simply to rest during this time. Now that you have learned how to clean roof, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social networks to receive other important tips for maintaining your home.