Fine Solutions for the Waterware Options

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Fine Solutions for the Waterware Options

By Romana Fraleigh 0 Comment April 21, 2020

If you want to have spacious drawers, we suggest a piece of furniture with one, two, or three drawers. Those with three drawers should always go to the floor, with legs, since they usually weigh too much. If you prefer small spaces, choose a piece of furniture with more compartments: you may lose storage capacity but you will have more possibilities to classify what you want. The most important detail is to know the type and brand of hardware that the furniture has this guarantees its usefulness and durability, being the current great difference in prices and qualities of furniture. You can go for the taps from Wateware there.


The material with which the furniture is made greatly influences the final price of the chosen model. Some of the most used materials are the following:

Agglomerate: They are furniture that is manufactured with a type of wood made from pressure-glued shavings and with a synthetic resin. They are the cheapest wood option and there is a wide variety of furniture available. The sides must be edged with elements such as 2mm PVC as a minimum to guarantee the water tightness of the furniture.

taps from Wateware

MDF furniture: This wood is of medium quality and allows the manufacturer to work with ease, allowing easy absorption of lacquers and paints to give color to the wood. It even allows you to make certain shapes and designs, both on the surface of the material and on the edges. MDF woods are at a medium price level. It is also called DM or Medium Density.

Solid wood furniture: Solid wood is undoubtedly the noblest material for the manufacture of furniture. Manufacturing it is expensive and difficult, for this reason, and due to the quality of the material. The price level does not have to be higher. Furniture made of natural wood guarantees much higher durability than that made of chipboard or MDF. It is usually used to make rustic bathroom furniture.


Basically there are three types of finishes for bathroom furniture on the market, with their respective differences:

Melamine: It is a sheet with a decorative print that imitates the grain of the wood. It sticks to the chipboard or MDF giving it a more natural look. Another of the properties of melamine is that it protects from moisture and external factors since it completely covers. It is the most economical option and from which the vast majority of bathroom furniture is made.

Lacquers and varnishes: They can be applied to any of the described materials, chipboard, MDF or natural wood. They stand out because they can brighten the color and extend the life of the furniture, protecting it from moisture and external factors such as heat, dust and dirt. They are of the medium price level and offer comfortable maintenance because they are resistant to humidity.

Decorative laminate: It is made of plastic materials such as polyester or PVC and is ideal for coloring furniture and extending its durability. The decorative sheets can be of a single color or can incorporate drawings, shapes or any type of design that the manufacturer or designer wants to include in the bathroom cabinet. They are of medium price level and offer comfortable maintenance because they are also resistant to humidity.