Find the Best of Mobile Application Testing

Find the Best of Mobile Application Testing

By Ashleigh Mcenaney 0 Comment April 8, 2020

You have a preliminary version of the full functionality of your mobile application. It would be better to evaluate the capabilities and stability of the program from the point of view of its future users. The best of the services are now available with .

Some checks for testing localization:

  • Identify the languages ​​supported by the application.
  • Make sure the translation is correct.
  • We check the correctness of the translation in accordance with the subject of the application
  • Check date formats.
  • Check the delimiters in numbers.

Of course, native speakers prefer to test the localization of a mobile application. Ubertesters, eggPlant can be useful for checking the localization of a mobile application.

Change-related testing

So, you went through all the steps mentioned and found some errors. Therefore, some changes have been made to your application code.

The main objectives of testing related to changes:

Verify that your team successfully corrected any errors found. Simply put test cases that initially detected errors run again. And this time they should be passed without errors.

Make sure that new changes do not result in new errors. In fact, when providing regression testing, you should pass not only test cases with detected errors but also test cases that check all the functionality of your application.

Some useful tools for testing your application related to changes: Appium, Robotium, Ranorex.

Beta testing is the stage of debugging and checking the beta version of the program. Its main goal is to identify the maximum number of errors in their work for their subsequent elimination before the final release of the application to the market. People, who have experience with applications of a similar type, even better with the previous version of the application, are selected for the role of beta testers.

Before beta testing a mobile application, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • A number of test participants.
  • Duration of testing.
  • Shipping
  • Demographic reach
  • Testing costs.

Although you need to spend some money on beta testing, this can be a good investment in the quality of your mobile application.

Certification Tests

There are certain rules for organizing the installation file and application development rules for each application store. Certification testing confirms that the application meets the requirements of the most popular stores such as Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone. Consider the main criteria for compliance of applications with standards, licensing agreements and terms of use.


  • The application installation file is the same as the Program Rules.
  • The app complies with UIG requirements.
  • There are no viruses in the application. The Android market semi-automatically checks the application for viruses and may block your account if it detects them.
  • You must follow version control procedures when publishing an updated version of your application.


  • The application meets the requirements of the Human Interface Guide.
  • The application must have a unique name.
  • You need to provide a link for feedback with the developer.
  • The application must be categorized.
  • App Store check application for compatibility.

The application does not contain prohibited materials, unforeseen delays in work or repetition of existing functions.

Make sure that the installed application does not interfere with the normal operation of other applications and does not use their memory.