Electronic article surveillance

eas tags

Electronic article surveillance

By Ashleigh Mcenaney 0 Comment August 30, 2020

Electronic article surveillance is also known aseas tags . It is an electronic method used to prevent theft from shops, libraries, office buildings, etc..

Tags should be deactivated before buying things from the stores. If the tag is not removed, the alarm will ring and alert the shop owners, these tags work on this mechanism.

eas tags


It was first invented by Arthur dynasty in 1966. It works for preventing small theft.

Types of EAS tags:

  • Concealed EAS system:

This is a type of system which is invisible for people who came for purchase because it is installed bottom and top of the flour so that it prevents stealing things. By covering in all parameters in the form of waves.

  • Electromagnetic system:

It is detected by the magnetic material for magnetic things. This is works within the low frequency. It is detecting using the plus and minus of the magnet within the smaller distance.

  • Acousto- magnetic system:

These magnetic tags are built with two strips

Magneto restrictive strips

Fero magnetic amorphous metal

It is made up of a magnetic semi-hard metallic strip which helps to bias magnet and deactivation. This works on the magnetoelastic coupling.

  • RFID systems:

It is used with an LC tank circuit. In this L is an inductor and C is capacitance.

The frequency range 1.75 mah and the standard is 8.2 mah.

  • Microwave systems:

It is used for the microwave. The waves are used to detect things. It is one of the main tags in surveillance services. It is placed on the shops on the main gate before and after the entry.

On one day there was a famous and big gold shops in my city. It was been running successfully for many years. One night the thieves are planned to theft the gold shop. But there were two securities and the four thieves ware some weapons and hurt hard the securities. They two of them lost their conciseness.

They slowly planned to go inside the shops to theft all the things. They have two big bags with the help of that they steal all the gold, silver, diamonds and all. After packing all the things they try to escapes from the shops. But they didn’t consider the EAS tags machines. After crossing the tags the alarm started to ring louder. The messages were sent to the nearby police station and the owner of the shops. And the gates of the shops were closed suddenly. The four thieves were doesn’t understand what is exactly happen. Before they try to escape the police and the owner of the shop urged to the shop and they captured the thieves.

With the help of the electronic article surveillance, the thieves were arrested by the police. With the help of the device, many cores of the gold, silver, diamond, and other valuable and costly things are saved.

Finally, the installment of these electronic article surveillance tags or EAS tags is needed some more investment. But it is a safer investment to save the guard of our products and other valuable things. The report said that with the help of the EAS tags more and more theft are identified and make a failure nowadays.