Your Points for the Medicine Purchases

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Your Points for the Medicine Purchases

By Ashleigh Mcenaney 0 Comment November 23, 2019

If, after reading the instructions for use and acquaintance with contraindications, the buyer understands that he does not need a specific remedy, he can return it to the pharmacy and get the money back. To receive your funds, you need a check, a doctor’s opinion that the drug is contraindicated, and a witness who can confirm the sale of the prescription drug. You can buy painkillers online and come up with the smartest details.

Lack of instruction

The absence of such a paper means that the goods are not fully stocked. Sometimes the package may also show instructions for a third-party medication. Even having a check, passing the medicine can be difficult. To avoid this situation, you need to check the availability of instructions in the package and make sure that it matches the drug sold. When the buyer notices the discrepancy or lack of paper before the purchase, he may demand to bring a conditional medication.

Fake medicine

If the consumer has doubts about the authenticity of the purchased medicine, he must keep the package and the receipt and contact not the pharmacist, but the pharmacy manager regarding the delivery of fake medicine and refund.

What medicines cannot be returned to the pharmacy

You can’t return the purchased medicine back to the pharmacy if a defect or defect appears, the culprit is the buyer himself. For example, if you:

  • Opened the package, tore the label
  • Violated its market appeal by squeezing the packaging
  • Partially used the drug

It is also important to know:

Return of technically complex goods of appropriate and inadequate quality

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Why can’t you return the medicine at the pharmacy?

If the buyer incorrectly informed the pharmacist about the name of the product, or its price is higher than its counterparts, and it turned out after the purchase, then you can’t return it, because the fault lies entirely with you.

It is impossible to return a medicinal product to a pharmacy because situations with drug substitution are so excluded. This is done solely in the interests of other buyers who are interested in buying a product that has not been in someone else’s hands and has not become a substitute for a useless fake or was generally dangerous to health.

List of drugs that cannot be returned under any circumstances

In cases where the consumer wants to return a product that has no significant flaws, the sales representative has the right to refuse to return, referring to the legal grounds set forth in the decree.

It is not possible to return money for an acquisition if it is included in the following list:

  • All medicines, medical equipment, personal and child hygiene products. This item includes an extensive number of items, ranging from bandages, wipes, tweezers, toothpaste or diapers, to medical instruments: a thermometer, tonometer, and more.
  • Personal hygiene products and personal care products (combs, brushes, wigs and the like).
  • Perfumes and cosmetics – all products in this category.
  • Textile products and knitwear. In this case, this item may include medical and medical bandages, belts, knee pads, etc.
  • Non-periodicals. For example, a directory of medicinal plants or the like.

As for medical products, only your attentiveness will not make a mistake when buying. Without departing from the checkout, it is worth examining the packaging and instructions, checking for the presence of components, and also without fail to keep the check.