What is Your Blind Spot?

What is Your Blind Spot?

By Tommy Auble 0 Comment November 25, 2019

Eyes are the main part of the human body. And these contain certain types of nerves and blind spots, which you may not see with the naked eye. To see the blind spot, you need to get help from the doctor. Or to get detailed information about the blind spot, you must read this article at the end.

What is a blind spot?

A blind spot is described as a region on the retina in the eye without receptors. It is additionally known as scotoma and a small area that contains no detected vision. Someone considers it a physical defect, but everyone has a blind spot in the vision. In addition to this, a blind spot does not contain any type of cell to detect natural light on the optic disc. 

If you are suffering from any type of eye problem, then you must visit the eye hospital, so that you can talk to an eye doctor about your problem. And you can also get knowledge on how to find the blind spot.

How to find the blind spot?

As we stated above, everyone has a blind spot, you may have 7.5° high and 5.5° wide, as well as 12–15° temporally and 1.5° below the horizontal blind spot. In simple words, everyone has a blind spot on the top of the optic nerve present inside your eye.

The optic nerve is a type of cable which carries certain nerve fibers from the human brain to the eyeball. The main function of the optic nerve is detecting the cell layer, and this nerve enters the back of the human eye. This optic nerve spreads all the nerve fibers to detect the light at the retina onto the back of the eye. The small round spot at the back of your eye is known as the optic nerve.

You can simply find the blind spot on your eye by certain methods. As we stated, finding a blind spot is too simple and takes only a few minutes. To find the spot, you need below-mentioned things include-:

  • A piece of white paper
  • A black pen
  • A marker.

To find the blind spot, you must-:

  • Take a piece of white paper and you must mark an X on the left side corner.
  • And then mark O almost 5 ½ inches away from the X. But, Make sure both alphabets are horizontal to each other.
  • After this, you must cover your right eye and try to look at O only with the left eye.
  • And the X should disappear, if the X is not disappeared then you must try it again.

Moreover, the human eye has a visual field that overlaps others to compensate for the blind spot. In this way, you will be able to see the blind spot.

When to get help from the doctor?

Well, it is quite difficult to notice a blind spot in your vision. But if you find one, you must visit the doctor and your doctor conducts the examination. He may recommend you to undergo automated visual field testing and Amsler Grid testing. These types of tests are useful to examine and map your vision, also helpful to find the blind spot. He may offer you medicated eye drops to check the vision and find the blind spot.