Powdered Urine vs. Synthetic Urine

Powdered Urine vs. Synthetic Urine

By Tommy Auble 0 Comment June 21, 2020

A drug test is an essential part of the recruitment process. The employees do have to undergo the drug test and essentially pass it to get selected for the job. A drug test can be done in many ways, but the frequently employed method is a urine-based drug test. Since the employers are informed about the test only a day before, they get very anxious to completely detox their body. In such cases, they usually prefer to go for synthetic or powdered urine kits to pass the drug testing. Though both powdered and synthetic urine works well, yet there is more you should know about them in order to choose a more effective and reliable one for yourself.

Synthetic UrineĀ 

Synthetic denotes something that is artificially created in the laboratories with the help of chemicals. Similarly, synthetic urine is created in the labs by mixing certain chemicals in order to mimic the real urine. The resultant product has properties similar to real urine such as color, smell, etc. Companies have aced up their sleeve by adding urea to the synthetic urine, which ultimately makes it almost impossible to be differentiated from the real urine. In most cases, synthetic urine works satisfactorily and can help you pass the drug test.

But the risk factor is not completely evaded, there have been cases where synthetic urine has turned out to be a failure. So using synthetic urine keeps your job at a stake. Further, there are some nations that have completely prohibited the manufacturing and availability of synthetic urine.

Real Powdered Urine

Real powdered urine is actually a more reliable method in order to pass the drug test. It is not a synthetic or artificially created product, instead a dehydrated and powdered form of real urine. It also eliminates the risk of being caught for submitting a fake urine sample or failing a drug test.

Powdered urine helps you to hide all your health-related secrets from your employer such as past medical history, past drug usage, etc. It is considered to be extremely effective in passing the drug test as compared to synthetic urine.

So undoubtedly, going with powdered urine should be the best choice. Additionally, cleansing drinks should be consumed a few days before the test date in order to completely detox your body and increase your chances of passing the drug test.