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Don’t be invisible to your customers

By Ashleigh Mcenaney 0 Comment April 2, 2019

You know that running a business is no 100-meter race; it’s a marathon. You have to keep up and try to reach at the top always, consistently. That’s the only way you can sustain in your business; otherwise, your company will perish. Did you ever wonder how come competitors who started after you overtook you already and continue growing? Did you ever wonder despite providing excellent quality product and service at a very competitive rate, why you’re not getting the attention from prospective customers you deserve? There can be multiple reasons, but did you think about online marketing? Did you check how are your competitors doing in Google search result for your target keywords? Did you think about hiring an SEO company which is specialized in “small business seo services ”? If your answer is negative to the questions above, it’s high time that you include online marketing to your overall marketing strategy and should hire a good SEO company with a proven track record.

You are invisible to your customers – be visible!

Your customers don’t even know you exist, so make sure they know you exist. That’s the very first step for any business. I am talking about online customers of course. If your site is not showing within the top 3 or 5 positions of the very first page of SERP, then you’re practically invisible to them. You might have some exciting products or services; your price may be the lowest among the competition; still, they have no idea about you. This is a loss on both sides. You are losing the customers you deserve; on the other hand, the customers are paying more price than you to your competitors. You can break this evil circle yourself – only if you take the right step right now. You should hire an SEO company specializing in local SEO for small businesses.


If you check the SERP in google for your target keywords, you will clearly see who is your competitors in online marketing. Your competitors are dominating the SERP, from 1 to 10th of the first page. If you want to be seen to your customers, you need to be within the 1-5th position of the first page. Because many research studies show that more than 90% of visitors never click a site which is below 5th position.

Remember, when people search in google for a particular product or service, most of the time, they are in “purchase” mood. They are not there for just research about something. They already made their mind up that they need that product or service, and they will purchase anyway – either from you or from your competitors. At that very moment, if they don’t see your site among the top 5 positions, they will just click to another site and buy from there.

small business seo services

So, you need to ask yourself, can you afford to lose those potential customers? I know breaking into top 5 in any niche is no easy job, it requires significant time, effort, skill and above all, money. However, that doesn’t mean SEO services couldn’t be affordable. Contact us, and we will show you how we can make your site to its deserved position in SERP.