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Choosing a New Fence for Your Yard

By admin - Last updated: Monday, March 19, 2012 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Ever been to a BBQ where the host’s backyard looked like a picture from Better Homes and Gardens magazine?  Admit it, you were envious.  The white picket fence architecturally complemented the house and framed the garden like a work of art.  If only you could get the same look in your yard.  Sure a fence can add privacy to an open backyard or a touch of class to a garden or front yard, but how?  Choosing the right fence for your yard requires answers to a few simple questions.  Here are some issues to consider.

Oxford FencingFirst, decide how you plan to use the space in your back yard.  Do you need privacy for your pool?  Do you want a fence to keep pets and children safe in your yard?  Do you want a fence to provide a physical boundary between your yard and your neighbor’s yard? Or do you want a fence for decoration?  All of these situations require different types of fencing.

For pool privacy, a stockade or privacy fence is ideal for keeping out nearly any unwanted visitor or spying onlookers.  Ranging in height from six to eight feet tall, a privacy fence comes in sections that are installed onto a series of posts anchored into the ground in cement-filled holes.  Consider a narrow picket fence with two inch spacing for containing small dogs and children.  Available in both six and eight feet wide sections, Plasti-tek offers 36”, 42”, 48” and 60” heights.  To provide a physical boundary between your yard and your neighbor’s yard, a scalloped picket fence defines property lines while enhancing the look of your backyard.  Plasti-Tek’s lines of picket fencing come in six and eight feet wide sections and 42”, 48” and 60” heights, with 3 inch spacing between pickets.

Second, you should consider your home’s appearance and architectural style when you select fencing.  If you live in a cottage or bungalow-style home and want to fence in your front yard, a picket fence will complement your home better than a split fence or wrought-iron fence.  A rail fence or split fence best complements a ranch-style home in the country.  As a general rule, lighter, more attractive fencing is better for front yards while privacy fencing works better in back yards where privacy is more of a concern than looks.

Third, consider the materials you want for your fencing.  Vinyl fencing is fast becoming a popular choice among homeowners because of its affordability, low maintenance and wide variety of colors and styles.  From Vintage and Victorian style spindles and balusters to contemporary square pickets in the Shasta, Sonoma and Dallas vinyl fencing lines, vinyl fencing has the look of traditional wood and wrought-iron products.

Before installing your fence, be sure to check with local city or county offices for ordinances concerning fencing materials, height and construction.  Ask about any required permits too.

When selecting a fence, you should know how you plan to use the space in your yard.  Fencing for your front or back yard should mirror your home’s architecture, creating a unified look.  Vinyl fencing has the same appearance as traditional wood and wrought-iron products and comes in a variety of styles and colors, is affordable and low maintenance.

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