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Add Pizzazz to Your Plain Patio

By admin - Last updated: Monday, February 27, 2012 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Spring is approaching and so is the yearning to spend time outside.  You dream of a charming patio with lavish landscaping and sturdy yet beautiful outdoor furniture.  Sound expensive and like a lot of work?  It doesn’t have to be.  Applying feng shui principles you too can make your dream patio a reality with a little bit of effort at a price that won’t break the bank.
Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement and design, can improve the flow of a home or office as well as the appearance and comfort of your patio.  Start by clearing your patio of clutter.  Sweep the floor and throw out any dead plants.  Replace faded curtains and clean any existing blinds, screens or curtains that are still in good condition.

Next, consider your patio’s purpose and its proximity to your house.  Will you use your patio for BBQs, relaxation, parties?  Is there a walkway that leads from your house to the yard?  Will you use a table for outdoor dining?  Defining your patio’s space is essential.  One area you may designate as a cooking area, while another for guests to sit and relax.

Complying with Feng Shui principles, each patio chair should provide a pleasant view.  Landscaping certainly helps, but you should also try to arrange seating in a way that your guests won’t be greeted by someone’s back when they arrive.  Semi-circular arrangements are ideal as everyone faces the walkway to the patio and any guests as they arrive, making everyone feel more welcome and open to conversation.  For this reason, stairways and walkways should also be clear and well lit.

Buy as many chairs as you can afford for unexpected guests.  Chairs often fill up faster than you think.  Make sure your table doesn’t block foot traffic.  If your backyard overlooks hills or mountains, an elevated table is best while homes on hillsides or overlooking a canyon should be low, working as a visual bridge between your home and the landscape.  Patio tables are crafted from a variety of materials like teak wood, oak, cedar and plastic.  But many homeowners are purchasing plastic outdoor tables and chairs for their low maintenance and longevity.  Weatherproof and sturdy, plastic outdoor furniture is much more resilient against the elements than traditional wood products.

A patio’s potted plants should be healthy.  Remove dead or faded flowers regularly.  You should avoid hanging any plants over a guest’s head or near it as they may subconsciously worry it will fall on them.  Shrubs that surround a patio should be viewed as undecorated walls with tall, potted flowering plants in front of your shrubs adding depth.

If your patio will host many parties throughout the season, speakers that look like natural rocks are ideal for outdoor settings.  After all, what is life without music?

Your patio’s location is important.  If your patio is at the back left corner of your home, it’s Feng Shui theme is money and should be decorated with mardi gras colors – greens and purples.  Avoid placing trashcans in that area as it symbolizes wasting your money.  You should conceal your trashcans with a shed or concealed storage area.  Placing your BBQ pit here symbolizes burning your money.  Place healthy plants here instead to reflect luxury and comfort.  If your patio is on the back right hand side of your house, its Feng Shui theme is romance.  Chairs and plants should be arranged in pairs and decorated with red, pink or white.  If your patio is in the back center of your house, its Feng Shui theme is fame.  Use reds and oranges for pillows, cushions and flowers, anything that symbolizes light and fire.

Applying Feng Shui principles to your patio can add a sense of space and elegance.  Healthy plants, sturdy, weatherproof plastic outdoor furniture, good lighting, outdoor speakers and color scheme are all ways to add pizzazz to anyone’s plain patio.


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