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Improving Your Home’s Exterior with a Garden Arbor

By admin - Last updated: Saturday, October 15, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Garden arbors are a quick and cost effective way to improve the exterior of your home, transforming an ordinary yard into the extraordinary.  Ideal for creating a stylish entrance, adding an arbor over a garden gate or walkway creates charm and curb appeal that’s sophisticated, clean and impressive.

Brookfield ArborMany homeowners are installing vinyl arbors as a way to define their gardens from their surrounding yards.  Dividing front and back yards can be achieved in a much more eye appealing way by placing shrubs or picket fence wings on either side of an arbor.  Garden arbors come in a variety of sizes and architectural styles.  An elegant white arbor with lattice sides and climbing roses can give your yard the look and feel of an English garden while vegetables coupled with a simple garden arch place you in the Tuscan countryside.

For homeowners who are more photosensitive, arbors with pergola roofs offer shade and sun glare reduction on hot summer days.  Used in pool areas, larger arbors with pergola tops allow visitors to lounge in the shade while others swim.  One of the best ways to highlight an arbor is through climbing flowers that provide both beauty and shade.  Sweet peas are traditional, old-fashion climbers with dainty pink and white blooms.  Another natural climber is yellow jasmine.  Known for attracting hummingbirds, yellow jasmine may have delicate flowers, but they’re easy to grow.  But the easiest climbing flower to care for is wisteria which thrives in full or partial sun and can grow over 30 feet tall.  If you prefer climbing roses, you must attach wire to your arbor as roses do not naturally cling like sweet peas, yellow jasmine and wisteria.

Highly sought after for garden weddings, arbors create the perfect backdrop for pictures.  Arbors are also easy to move which makes them an ideal wedding gift for a groom to give his bride or for parents of the bride to present to their daughter and new son in-law.  A garden arbor from your wedding is a beautiful way to preserve the memory of your special day while architecturally enhancing your back yard for years to come.  Unlike other wedding keepsakes, garden arbors don’t get placed in chests for safekeeping, filed away, broken or forgotten.

Vinyl arbors are fast becoming popular choices among homeowners and newlyweds because of their weather resistance and low maintenance.  Vinyl arbors won’t mold, rot, yellow, crack or fade.  Easy to install and reasonably priced, vinyl arbors are eco-friendly and can enhance your yard or garden with designs that range from simple arches to Italian inspired grand pergola arbors and everything in between.

While vinyl arbors are low maintenance, it’s a good idea to inspect them from time to time to keep them structurally sound and in good repair.  Arbors supporting plant growth should be cleaned periodically, especially since lattice patterns are popular nesting places for birds when an arbor has lots of growth.

Vinyl arbors give homeowners a way to lift their gardens off the ground, provide shade over walkways, or define the space in a back yard.  Whether to fill in a missing gate or create a useful gap in a hedge, arbors are a practical and elegant way to add charm and curb appeal to your home.

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