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Arranging your Deck Furniture to Make the Most of its Space

By admin - Last updated: Saturday, October 29, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment
Nothing beats a beautiful deck for summer BBQs and outdoor gatherings, especially when your deck is spacious and functional.  In fact, decks can be so comfortable, you forget you’re outside.  But we’ve all been to gatherings on decks where there’s too much furniture and not enough room to stand or too little furniture leaving all the guests standing.  Either way, the deck is off balance and can leave you, your family and your guests feeling the same way, like something isn’t quite right.  When this happens no one wants to spend time on the deck and what once had the potential of becoming another room in your home goes to waste.  This doesn’t have to be you.  By arranging the right furniture properly on your deck you too can have a successful deck area.

Vinyl Deck on HouseA crowded deck isn’t comfortable for anyone.  Before purchasing furniture it’s a good idea to measure your deck.  Consider how you plan to use your deck and how many people you might have using it.  You can use graph paper, or a computer design software program if you’re more technologically savvy, to draw a diagram to scale of your Gorilla Deck and then cut out scaled pieces representing the furniture.  It’s a lot easier to experiment with furniture placement on paper or a computer than it is to physically move it around your deck.

When deciding how much furniture to buy, you should at least provide a place to sit for everyone living in your home.  Buy more seating based on the number of guests you usually entertain.  You won’t always host a graduation party so don’t go overboard by purchasing twenty chairs when you can always borrow folding chairs from friends or family for special events.

Furniture should be arranged with conversation areas in mind.  Tables are ideal because people can sit around one to face each other for conversation.  If you don’t have a plastic dining table, face your seats toward each other to facilitate conversation.  Side tables between chairs and settees rather than coffee tables are ideal for narrow spaces like porches or balconies.  A bistro set can make a smaller deck appear more spacious than using a picnic table which takes up more space.  If your deck has an area large enough to accommodate a larger table, make sure you place the table and chairs at least three feet away from railings, giving yourself enough walk space.

Breaking conversation areas into two or more seating areas creates a more intimate space.  Angle your seats toward a focal point that’s eye appealing like the woods, a flower garden, the pool, water feature or a fire pit.  No one wants to stare at your house’s siding all night, nor do they want to look directly into the sun.  Avoid west-facing furniture arrangements at all costs.  By the same token, if drinking coffee on your deck is your regular morning routine, you should avoid facing your furniture east.  Conversation tables that support shade umbrellas are ideal for decks in sunny locations.

As you arrange your furniture, make sure you provide paths for good traffic flow.  The last thing you want on your deck is a labyrinth of furniture that prevents easy access to your yard or other frequently used areas like the grill.  You should also arrange your furniture evenly on your deck, utilizing the whole area.  If you put all of your furniture on one side of the deck, crowding it all in one area, your deck will be off balance.

Finally, by including bar or pub tables you provide guests with vertical support to place beverages.  Candles will enhance nighttime atmosphere.  While plants provide a serene atmosphere, they should be non-blooming.  Remember that flowers will attract bees and no one wants any of them around!

When it comes to arranging furniture on your deck measuring its dimensions before you buy tables and chairs can make a big difference in your deck’s balance.  Good spacing, easy pathways, defined conversation areas that face eye appealing focal points are all ways to enhance your deck for more enjoyable gatherings that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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