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Park Benches Provide a Seat for Inspiration

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Some of the world’s greatest ideas were born on park benches.  As he watched his daughters ride the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, Walt Disney sat on a park bench and came up with idea of creating a new kind of amusement park.  Preserved and immortalized, an ordinary wooden bench has its place in history at Disneyland.  While telling his life story from a Savannah park bench to anyone who would listen, it finally dawned on Forrest Gump that he needed to find and marry the love of his life, Jenny.  Seen in 80% of the movie Forrest Gump, this bench has since been removed from Chippewa Square and placed in the Savannah History Museum.  Even Albert Einstein used a park bench to illustrate his theory of relativity, “”An hour sitting with a pretty girl on a park bench passes like a minute, but a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour.”
Park Avenue BenchWhether you’re placing one in memory of a loved one in a park, on a front or back porch, or in a garden, park benches are great places to ponder the world’s problems or your own.  Practical and inviting, park benches come in a variety of styles and are making appearances in yards everywhere across America.

Determined by the materials used to build it, park benches come with or without backs and with or without arm rests.  Some benches have rounded smooth curves while others have straight lines and angles.  Metal park benches are classic and durable and bring back memories of bygone eras, while wooden park benches have a more natural and rustic look.

Park benches also vary in size with some able to accommodate a number of people and others, a loveseat style, that seat just two people.  Loveseat style park benches are fast becoming popular wedding and anniversary gifts because of their cozy, fun and unique appeal.  Today’s park benches can come with additional pieces like coordinating planter boxes or a table for sipping lemonade or putting up your feet.

Manufacturing make modern park benches weather resistant and able to last a long time.  Pine and teak woods are protected with long-wearing lacquers which also protect the wood from moisture and sun damage.  Powder-coat finishes applied to steel or iron pieces provide protection, a rust-resistant coating and a smooth, glossy finish.

However, many homeowners are installing park benches made from 100% recycled plastic.  Extremely durable and low maintenance because of their resistance to the weather, plastic park benches are a great addition to an outdoor area.  Some resemble simple wooden seating, while others resemble cast iron or traditional wood styles and are a great way to create a conversation area in your garden, along a walkway or beside your children’s swing set.

Smaller park benches are ideal for modest yards like those in urban areas where real estate is at a premium.  You can create the perfect place to relax and meditate by facing a single park bench across from a flowing water feature.  Surrounded by simple landscaping, this private spot can be the perfect escape from a stressful day at work.

Available in a variety of sizes and materials, park benches have inspired the likes of Walt Disney, Forrest Gump and even Albert Einstein.  Ideal for gardens, back yards of any size or walkways, a park bench is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, can memorialize loved ones lost and provide a welcoming and restful retreat.

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