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Decorative Baluster Ideas for Your Plastic Deck

By admin - Last updated: Sunday, July 31, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

If you believe the expression “God is in the details” then installing decorative balusters can make an ordinary deck heaven on earth.  Whether you’re changing out the rails or building a brand new deck, balusters affect the overall look and theme.  Decks are versatile outdoor spaces used as entertainment areas for parties and barbeques or quiet retreats for reading a book or taking in the sun.  Decorative balusters are the reason why the home with the bCedar, tigerwood deck with copper ballusters overlooking Lake Sammamishest deck wins in the eyes of potential home buyers.

Balusters are the vertical rods or posts in the sections of railings between the main posts of the deck.  Made from a variety of materials (metal, wood, composite and vinyl) balusters come in many shapes, styles, colors and sizes.  Vinyl or PVC balusters are a popular alternative to wood.  While vinyl balusters come in a variety of styles and colors, white is the most popular.  Vinyl baluster styles are similar to standard wood balusters.  But unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t twist, rot, warp and won’t need staining or sealing.  Vinyl continues to look great for years and only requires occasional washing.

Aluminum balusters are another sturdy, lightweight and attractive option that comes in many colors and styles.  Many deck owners combine aluminum balusters with composite posts and rails, giving them a unique look with increased sturdiness.

Vinyl, plastic lumber and composite decks provide the perfect framework for glass balusters.  Solid glass panels or individual balusters made of tempered glass or acrylic are ideal for mountain and lake views.

Balusters can be made of almost anything or by combining many things.  Deck manufacturers have fabricated stainless steel balusters, cables or rods passing through posts to form nearly invisible rails or uniquely shaped wrought iron balusters as well.  The style of your deck depends on the look you want to create and your budget.

If you like a simple style, basic straight deck balusters are for you.  Straight deck balusters come in metal, composite and wood materials.  Picking straight, black, wrought iron deck balusters like the Arabian Series, Coppertone or Contempra styles will give your deck a historic look.

A curved baluster adds a touch of elegance to decks.  While curved balusters are frequently crafted from metal, they are also available in wood and composite materials.  Curved balusters are available in the French quarter style bellied railing.

If you prefer a classic look, use balusters with a basic, white rail.  To achieve this look choose from styles like Princeton 1, Shasta 1, Cascade 1, Logan, Dallas, Sonoma and Americana.  A more traditional or old world style can be achieved with Vintage, Victoria and Tuscan style balusters.

Others prefer decks that have a more modern flair.  Vista Glass Railing Systems provide full-views like gazing out of a picture window from your deck.  Ideal for composite or vinyl decks, glass balusters allow you to enjoy scenic settings of the lake or pool without the visual obstruction of traditional baluster infills.

Whether you’re decorating style is more traditional or modern, a variety of baluster styles and materials are available to create the look you want to achieve with your deck.  Decorative balusters turn ordinary outdoor spaces into your kind of oasis.

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