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Plastic Boat Trailer Rails

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Those that love being on the water in a boat know the enjoyment of boating on a lake, river or ocean.  Before one goes out and purchases a boat, one should take into consideration how the boat is to be transported.  This is where selecting a boat trailer comes into play.  Experienced boaters know that the proper boat trailer and boat trailer rails can mean the difference between a fun filled day on the water or sinking like the Titanic.

Not only is the size of the boat trailer important, but also so are the boat rails.  The boat rails are an important component to any quality boat trailer.  Boat rails or also called runner bunks are long boards covered in carpet that are fastened to the sides and bottom of the boat trailer.  These boat runners are used to help guide and protect the boat when loaded upon a trailer.  Traditionally made out of wooden lumber, many boat owners are now exploring the option of using plastic lumber instead.  There are many reasons why plastic lumber is becoming so popular among boat trailer owners.

When wooden lumber is exposed to water over a long period of time, the wood starts to rot and decompose.  This causes structural weakening within the board.  When wooden boat rails become damaged, they can cause a boat hull to be damaged when being loaded or unloaded on the boat trailer.  This can run up some costly repair bills for the boat owner.  Unlike wooden lumber, plastic lumber does not rot when exposed water over a period of time or splinter.  Plastic lumber also does not need to be pretreated with sealants to protect it from moisture.

Generally before one installs new boat railings on a trailer, the boards are wrapped in carpet.  The reason for this is because traditional wooden lumber can splinter causing damage to a boat.  Plastic lumber does not splinter since it is not made out of wood.  For this reason many view wrapping the plastic lumber railing in carpet optional before installing it on a boat trailer.

Proper tools are an important part of the instillation process when replacing boat railings.  Many are under the misconception that they will need special tools to cut and install plastic lumber on a boat trailer.  The truth is that the same tools that are used on wooden lumber can also be used on plastic lumber.  This in turn, requires no hidden extra costs.

Since wooden lumber has a short lifespan, many that want to save money in the long run are choosing plastic lumber instead.  The strength and durability also outlasts traditional wooden lumber.  These traits not only save money, they also save time by not having to replace the railings as often.  This means more time on the water and less time doing trailer maintenance.

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