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Why Choose a Vinyl Gazebo?

By admin - Last updated: Saturday, July 17, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Those that are considering adding a gazebo to their backyard now have many options. The new vinyl gazebos that are now on the market have many advantages over the traditional wooden gazebos. Not only are they lower maintenance, they are also better for the environment since no trees have to be cut down, when compared to their wooden counter part.

Vinyl gazebos never have to be painted. These durable structures resemble wood in appearance, but since they are made out of vinyl the color will never chip, fade or need treated with harsh chemicals. With wooden gazebos that are painted, the paint will start to peel or chip when exposed to the elements over a period of time. Even when a wooden gazebo is only stained and not painted, the wood still has to be treated with sealants to keep the wood from rotting due to being exposed to wet weather. This is never an issue with a vinyl gazebo. The only maintenance that these stylish structures need is to be washed off with a garden hose to keep it looking new, year after year.

The problem with wooden gazebos is that they have a tendency to attract bugs. Insects that feed on wood, such as termites can destroy a wooden gazebo in a short period of time. By installing a vinyl gazebo this is never an issue. Insects are not attracted to the vinyl and have no desire to feed off of it like wood. Homeowners that have vinyl gazebos installed near wood find this to be a great feature.

Many are worried that a vinyl gazebo might only come in one or two styles. The fact is that there are many styles and sizes that are available. With this being said many are surprised to find with the various sizes that are available, it is easy to find one to fit into many different sizes of yards.

Vinyl gazebos can be bought in kits that one can build them. For those that want to avoid the cost of having someone erect the structure, kits offer that option of doing it themselves. There are generally no special tools that are needed. Many of the same tools that can be used on a wooden structure, can also be use when erecting a vinyl gazebo.

Since vinyl gazebos are so low on maintenance they are becoming the top choice for those wanting to add beauty to their outdoor space. Those that have switched from wooden gazebos to a vinyl one, enjoy the ease of care. Owning a vinyl gazebo gives the homeowner more time to enjoy their outdoor space instead of doing maintenance.

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