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How Recycled Products Enhance the Beauty of Parks

By admin - Last updated: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

We all know now that summer has come around again, and families will be heading to their favorite local park to enjoy a number of outdoor recreational activities. Have you ever looked around and noticed the condition of your local park? Is it beautifully landscaped, have durable park benches and other sitting areas? Or does it perhaps need some improvements done in order to enhance the enjoyment and experience of visitors? Does your park need some comfortable, durable recycled plastic lumber park benches and picnic tables? Why not!

park benchFor many people that may not know it, recycle plastic lumber is an excellent substitute for concrete, wood or metals. The most common uses of recycled plastic lumber include park benches, picnic tables, playground equipment, decking, walkways over wetlands, landscaping boarder, noise barriers, speed bumps, flower pots, compost bins, fencing and much more. When typical wood structures are replaced with recycled lumber, it not only brightens up the area, but it can also reduce the costs of having to replace rotted, warped, broken boards, benches or damaged, faded, dilapidated picnic tables.

Wood filled recycled plastic lumber is composed of plastic mixed in with sawdust or other recycled materials. There are also many other combinations available which are made with different properties, applications, have different uses and varying costs. Recycled plastic lumber is a very popular material in place of less durable materials and does not fade, chip, warp or crack, which makes it a much more popular choice for some outdoor projects than wood.

Not only are the above mentioned benefits of recycled plastic lumber obvious, it is a good material for park products because it is clean, nontoxic, nonporous and lasts much longer than wood. Recycled park benches and picnic tables are chemical and moisture resistant, graffiti resistant, splinter free, do not need to be sealed or preserved, do not require painting, can come in a variety of shapes and colors, do not absorb bacteria and are insect resistant. Many parks and townships, and local playgrounds are realizing the full benefits of recycled plastic lumber and incorporating it not only into benches and seating, but into other areas as well.

Several well known businesses and tourist locations in California have purchased recycled plastic lumber in lieu of other materials. Such locations include the National Parks Service, Golden Gate NRA, City of Sacramento, the City of Berkeley Marina, the Santa Cruz Port District and the Don Pedro Recreation Agency. Not only is recycled plastic lumber in some of the more popular structures in the state of California, it is soon going to be spreading across the country and will soon be at a park near you.

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