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Vinyl Pergola Adds Beauty to Backyards

By admin - Last updated: Monday, April 5, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Summer is almost here and many backyard gardeners are looking for a way to spruce up their green outdoor spaces. Adding a vinyl pergola to an outdoor space has now become extremely popular with many. These beautiful structures not only enhance a yard, but they are also very functional.

vinyl pergola for your back yardIn the past pergolas were only made of wood, times have now changed. With many now wanting to become more environmentally conscious, people are now choosing to use vinyl as the choice of construction material for a pergola. The reason is because vinyl does not have to be replaced as often as a wood pergola. Not to mention that vinyl does not need to painted, stained or sealed with harmful chemicals like traditional wooden lumber. A vinyl pergola is already impregnated with pigment from the factory and does not require painting or sealing.

Vinyl pergolas can be used in many areas of an outdoor area. Using a pergola as a cover for a hot tub makes a beautiful accent. Not only is it attractive, it is also waterproof and will not rot or warp like a wooden pergola. This is a great advantage when being used around water elements in a yard such as the pool area, over a fountain or a hot tub.

Growing climbing plants such as certain types of roses add color, texture and of course the fragrance to an outdoor space. In order to keep climbing roses and other vines from taking over a yard, many chose to grow them on a pergola. By doing this will keep the plants and flowers in a contained area and will also give them the support that they need to grow to their full potential. As the plants grow over the vinyl pergola, it will also add a shaded space during the hot summer months.

Installing a vinyl pergola at the entrance to a walkway is a unique accent. The pergola will not only frame the path or sidewalk, it will also add height to the landscaping around it. Many find using vinyl pergolas in this type of application provides a point of interest for the eye and can accent the surrounding landscaping.

Adding a vinyl pergola to any outdoor area can be a great focal point. These gorgeous structures will enhance a garden and add a vertical element to a space. Using a pergola can transform a simple landscaping design into a spectacular showpiece that one will enjoy years to come.

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