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The Advantages of Installing Privacy Fencing

By admin - Last updated: Monday, April 12, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Installing a privacy fence not only adds privacy to a property, they can also add safety and beauty to any backyard. A fence can make a backyard feel complete and in some cases actually raise the property value. When it comes to the material many are now choosing to use plastic recycled lumber or vinyl fencing instead of metal wood.

privacy fencingPlastic lumber and vinyl privacy fencing can come in many textures and colors. These types of fencing can be embossed to look like wood or be made with intricate designs. The color of the fencing can be ordered to match the siding on a home or in any color one chooses. The nice thing about using vinyl or plastic lumber is that the fencing will never need to be painted or stained like fenced made out of traditional wooden lumber. Wooden fences generally need to be painted and sealed at least once a year to keep it looking new and to protect the wood from the elements. Many find this is a great feature of installing fencing made out of plastic lumber or vinyl.

Privacy fencing that is made out of wood has a tendency to rot when exposed to the elements. Vinyl and recycled plastic lumber are not as easily affected when exposed to water and the change in tempetures. They are also resistant to insects such as termites, where wood attracts them and use it as a food source. Since plastic lumber and vinyl fencing is bug resistant, it will not attract extra insects to the yard.

Privacy fencing provides privacy for the homeowner; it also helps to keep children and pets inside the backyard. This is one of the main reasons that many with children and pets decide to install a privacy fence in the beginning. Not only will it help to keep them in it will also keep stray and wild animals out. Having a privacy fence installed is a good idea when the edge of the property nears a busy road or a wooded area.

When planning on installing a privacy fence one should make sure that the fencing that is being installed is compliant with all the local and state building codes. By following these codes will insure that the privacy fence is installed correctly and is the right height. If these codes are not followed it can result in having to take down the privacy fence.

Installing privacy fencing is not just for privacy anymore. They add beauty and elegance to a property with not only form but also with function. One is sure to find the right privacy fence for their needs

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