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The Importance of Swimming Pool Decking

By admin - Last updated: Monday, April 26, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

With summer coming, everyone is surely excited about the grand opening of the neighborhood swimming pools.  However, for a pool owner there are a number of safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration in order to protect guests from accidents.  Knowing that the little extra safety issues are tended to, allows the owner and guests alike to sit back, enjoy and have a great summer.

Lifesaving gear such as floatation devices need to be placed within easy access and as close to the swimming pool as possible.  When people bring small children over to swim, it is also vital to provide life jackets, water wings and blow up toys and post signs about water safety.  It is very important to make sure small children are never left unattended around a swimming pool, not even for a brief moment lest something bad happens.

Someone that is going to be overseeing a swimming party needs to be completely trained in CPR, in case of emergency.   These types of classes can be taken at a local hospital or at the Red Cross, this type of preparation can and does saves lives.  It is also important to post emergency phone numbers and to keep a telephone or cell phone nearby when hosting a swimming party; it prevents fumbling around in case of an emergency and can save precious minutes where a life may be at risk.

Another important facet of swimming pool safety is the incorporation of a swimming pool deck.  The deck should always be secured by a locking fence and the gate should never be left open in case a stray pet or small child wanders into the yard and an accident may happen.  Decking should be composed of durable materials and if wood is used, it should be free of splinters, warping or cracks which could injure a guest. Consider Gorilla decking, CorrectDeck or vinyl decking for best results.

Any type of swimming pool decking should also incorporate the use of pool enclosures in the form of a gate.  The gate can be functional and fashionable and constructed to match the materials used on the decking.  Pool enclosures and decking are other important parts of safety and something any owner should take into serious consideration when maintaining swimming pool safety.

There should never be any glass used around a swimming pool and signs should be clearly posted containing the depth information in order to prevent any type of diving accidents.  Bearing everything in mind when considering swimming pool safety will allow an owner to rest assured knowing each facet has been addressed correctly and is understood by everyone using the pool.  When it comes to owning a swimming pool, decks, gates and safety precautions should never be overlooked and when taken seriously, it allows for a safe, enjoyable summer of fun to be had by all.

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