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Fiberglass Fence Posts

By admin - Last updated: Monday, February 22, 2010 - Save & Share - One Comment

Fiberglass composites added to fencing materials have revolutionized the industry of fencing as most people know it. The fencing is constructed of light-weight strong, flexible materials and is the product of choice for many homeowners and businesses. Fiberglass is also used because of uniformity and strength, while aluminum could be cheaper, it could lead to bending or structural damage to fence posts.

Another benefit of fiberglass reinforced fence posts is that it does not conduct electricity, which means it is safer to use around the home than aluminum, which is highly conducive. A fiberglass fence post is also not going to absorb moisture like wood can and will not weaken due to sunlight exposure. Fiberglass is an ideal compound for fencing because of durability and an ability to withstand environmental elements such as wind, rain, sleet, snow or hail.

Fiberglass has the same strength as steel but resists corrosion, and fiberglass is also being used in many products. Guard rails, manhole covers, suspension bridges, ladders, street light poles, hydro transmission towers, shower stalls, fiber optic cables, hot tubs, snow mobiles, hockey sticks, playground equipment, skis and ski poles, fishing poles and helmets are now being manufactured with fiberglass. No more than ever before, manufacturers are using fiberglass when making simple, everyday products.

Fiberglass is much stronger than PVC, wood, aluminum and steel, which makes it an ideal material for fence posts. Fiberglass does not warp, corrode, rust, twist, shrink, fade, expand, blister, deteriorate or crack, which is very important when considering other fencing materials which will not last as long as fiberglass. Fence posts constructed and reinforced using fiberglass provide an overwhelming superiority when considering wood, plastic or other fencing materials which will rot, bend or break when exposed to environmental elements over a period of several years.

Fiberglass fencing is ideal for any type of environment and can withstand high humidity and high temperatures which makes it efficient and cost effective for many home and business owners. Fiberglass fencing posts and fencing materials will also require very little maintenance and provides a splinter-free surface which makes it ideal for playgrounds and homes with small children and pets.

Fencing materials using fiberglass are also smooth, non-porous, easy to clean and can be sanitized, which helps prevent the spread of certain viruses and bacteria. Fencing using fiberglass is also dent resistant, retains its original shape, and has a long life and uniform dimensions and an appearance which will maintain its attractive points for many years to come. Fiberglass fence posts have many advantages and benefits for someone seeking a maintenance-free, durable option which will eliminate the time and money spent on replacing fences made of wood or some other less dependable material.

One Response to “Fiberglass Fence Posts”

Comment from Emma
Time November 4, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Great post. My house is in need of new fencing. Fiberglass seems to be the right way to go.

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