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Deck Railings Add Safety and Beauty

By admin - Last updated: Monday, February 1, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Deck railings are an essential part of a vinyl deck. This can add beauty to a home and also is important for safety. A deck railing helps keep one from falling because the railing creates a barrier. This is a necessary part of safety equipment on any plastic deck. Not only is deck railing added to a deck for safety it is can also add beauty as a decorative accent to the structure.

When deciding on what type of deck railing to install there are many important things to keep in mind. One is that many requirements must be met when constructing deck railings according to local and state building codes. Some require that the deck railing must be a certain height. The posts of the railing might also have to be placed at certain interval on the deck. This can sometimes vary depending on the type of material that the deck railing is constructed of. Plastic deck railings are made up of a bottom rail and a top rail with vertical slats in-between. The vertical slats on deck railings always have to be placed close enough together to ensure that a small child will not be able to slip in-between the railings. deck railingThe styles that are available for deck railings are only limited to the imagination. Plastic lumber deck railings can come in traditional styles as well as more intricate patterns. These can be made to match designs on shutters or on deck furniture. Deck railing can become a great accent or conversation piece on a plastic lumber deck also. The colors on plastic deck railing can be custom ordered to match siding on a home or in a contrasting color that compliments decking.

There are many benefits for using plastic deck railings. Plastic lumber deck railing does not have to be painted or weather proofed like wood or metal railing. This material will also not attract insects like wooden deck railing and does not splinter as easily. Unlike glass panels that are sometimes used as deck railings, plastic does not shatter, show finger prints and is easier to keep clean.

Even though deck railings are required and essential for safety on a deck, they can add beauty. The many designs and colors that are now available for deck railings can add a personal style to any deck made out of recycled plastic lumber.

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