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The Added Beauty of a Trellis

By admin - Last updated: Monday, January 25, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Having a trellis in an outdoor space can add beauty and style to any yard. The height of these structures will add a great focal point and are also a functional piece of garden equipment. Many just think of a trellis as just a decorative accent or as support for climbing plants, but these attractive structures can do so much more to an outdoor space. Having a trellis cannot only add beauty; they also can be used for many other problems many face when creating an outdoor garden space.

trellis and flowerOne issue that many gardeners face is the many necessary equipment in a yard that can become an eye sore to the landscape. These can be anything from air conditioners, pipes, wires or a propane tank. Unfortunately these items are necessary and usually draw the eye right to them and draw attention away from flowers and other landscaping. By using a plastic garden trellis as a screen to hide this type of equipment can help to get the focus back on more pleasing views of the landscape. This will act as a screen but can still give one access to the equipment for maintenance. This especially works well when climbing plants are put into pots and the trellis has casters put on them, so the structure can be easily moved.

A wonderful way to add more lighting to a back yard area is to use a trellis. This can be an elegant touch other then the usual light post or harsh spot light. By weaving a string of lights through out a trellis that is already covered with flowering plants or vines is a beautiful accent that can add extra lighting to a back yard area. This is also a great focal point in a garden during the evening hours.

Some choose to use a trellis as an entrance to an outdoor space. This looks great and inviting when used as an entryway to a yard. When enclosing a garden space many place a trellis as an opening in a fence line other then using a gate for a more sophisticated look.

Using a trellis in an outdoor space is not only functional it can also be used an elegant feature. No matter if it is used as a screen to hide equipment or as a focal point, the uses for a plastic trellis are only limited by the imagination.

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