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Gazebos Add Function and Beauty

By admin - Last updated: Monday, January 18, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Gazebos when used in a garden can add function and beauty. This type of structure allows many to sit outside in comfort when admiring the beauty of nature. A gazebo can act like an outdoor room and is a great addition to any outdoor space. It also allows many to have full view of the surrounding environment.

When using a gazebo in a garden, placement of the structure can be key. When a gazebo is placed in the center of a garden it can be used as the main focal point. This allows a person a complete view of the garden no matter where one is sitting in the structure. Some also prefer to place a gazebo at the edge of a pond or other type of water element to give a more elevated view. This is especially nice when placed near a Koi pond.

gazeboA gazebo gives many a comfortable place to sit in a garden. The roof on a gazebo gives another add area of shade on hot summer days. A ceiling fan can be added to cool off the inside of the structure. Many choose to place a picnic table in a gazebo for extra seating. By adding a picnic table to a gazebo will not only add extra seating, it also makes for a great place for eating meals or just relaxing and reading a book. Having a picnic table in a gazebo is also an ideal area to place potted plants that are sensitive to direct sunlight and can add a decorative touch to the tabletop.

Planting climbing vines and flowers around a gazebo give these types of plants the support they need. While using the gazebo as a support there are many other benefits too, the plants will add extra shade and flowering vines will infuse the gazebo with fragrant scents to the outdoor structure.

Lighting in a gazebo enables this structure to be used in the evening hours. The lighting can be a direct overhead lighting; this is useful when playing cards or eating dinner. For a more elegant look, strings of lights can be woven in and out of the gazebo, giving it a soft romantic glow.

Adding a gazebo to any outdoor area is a great way to enhance the space. Whether used as a climbing structure for plants or a shaded seating area, this outdoor room can add beauty and function to any outdoor space.

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