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The Benefits of Using Plastic Lumber for a Playground

By admin - Last updated: Monday, December 28, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Now since many more people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are trying to find more ways to become greener, it makes perfect sense that many are using plastic lumber. Plastic lumber is one of the most common green building materials that is being used today for playground equipment. This type of plastic product is being used for many reasons more so then traditional wooden lumber.

Plastic lumber is becoming the top choice of building materials for playground equipment. A huge bonus for using this type of material is that plastic lumber does not splinter like wood lumber. This makes plastic lumber a safer product when used on playground equipment for children. By using this will keep many a child from the pain of a splinter stuck in a finger or hand.

plastic lumber on a playground swingPlastic lumber is made out of recycled plastics, such as milk jugs. Unlike wooden lumber that takes trees to be produced, plastic lumber is made out of recycled plastics. This helps many plastic products, such as milk jugs; find new life as plastic lumber that can be turned into playground equipment.

Painting wooden lumber can be an arduous task and needs to be repainted after a few years of being exposed to the elements. This is not so with plastic lumber. Plastic lumber can come in a variety of colors that is mixed in with the plastic. Since the plastic lumber is impregnated with pigment, this eliminates the need to paint or repaint it like traditional wooden lumber.

Since playground equipment is generally installed outside, bugs can pose a problem when made out of wood lumber. Many insects such as termites are attracted to wood and can destroy a structure in a very short amount of time. Insects are not attracted to plastic, which make plastic lumber a better choice for outdoor playground equipment.

When wood is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, wood can swell, warp and rot. The weather has very little effect on plastic lumber making at last longer when used in an outdoor environment. Since being exposed to the elements over a period of time weakens wooden lumber it is not being used quite as frequently in the building of playground equipment.

With playground equipment having to be safe for children, plastic lumber is being used more frequently. Since plastic lumber does not splinter, rot, warp, need to be painted and does not attract bugs makes it the better choice in material when used in playground equipment.

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