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Great Uses For a Backyard Trellis

By admin - Last updated: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

A backyard trellis can have many uses for the beginning gardener to the advanced backyard botanist. These arch shaped structures can come in many heights and can be made out of many different types of materials. A trellis can enhance the landscape of any backyard area, regardless of the shape or size. This overlooked garden tool can become one of the showstoppers in any backyard or garden.

backyard trellisThere are many great uses for a backyard trellis that can help support the growth of many different types of plants. Without the use of a trellis this can sometimes hamper the growth of a plant or even promote the growth of funguses that can destroy fruit bearing vines. This makes having a backyard trellis an important part of the growing process with many species of plants.

With many vigorous growing plants such as Honeysuckle, Wisteria and Trumpet vine will do best when grown on a metal or heavy wooden backyard trellis. These types of materials give these types of rapid growing plants the support they need to reach their full growth potential. Also growing vines that have fragrant blooms not only look beautiful, but also the fragrance will waft throughout the backyard giving another dimension to the landscape to please the senses.

The trellis can be an important tool that is usually overlooked in the garden. Using a trellis in the vegetable garden can help many plants from taking over the majority of the area. Plants such as green beans grow best on a trellis. Not only does this keep the plant from growing wildly all over the garden and make it easier to harvest the green beans as well.

Tomatoes are another plant that needs a trellis to keep it from taking over a vegetable garden. A trellis will also help the fruit of the tomato plant from touching the ground that can sometimes cause certain types of fungal growth that can attack the fruit and ruin a tomato crop in a matter of days. This has made the trellis almost an indispensable tool in a garden.

These are some of the great uses for a backyard trellis.

  • Added support for climbing flowering plants.
  • Decorative element.
  • Focal point in a landscape design.
  • Makes some climbing vegetables easier to harvest.
  • Keeps fungal growth on certain plants down to a minimum.
  • Offers another area of shade when plants are in full bloom.

Not only is a backyard trellis beautiful in a yard they also serve as a useful tool in the garden. Many find after experimenting with a trellis with different types of plants, what a wonderful addition they make to an outdoor space. The many great uses for a backyard trellis are only limited by the imagination.

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