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Finding an ADA Compliant Picnic Table

By admin - Last updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Many picnic table manufactures are now providing more choices for ADA compliant picnic tables.  Companies are now acknowledging that people differ in ability and size.  This has made finding an ADA compliant picnic table much easier.  The only problem that many individuals find is choosing an ADA compliant picnic table that is best suited for them.

When choosing an ADA compliant picnic table many individuals are now becoming more environmentally aware of the materials that are used in the construction.  Picnic tables that are made out of recycled plastics or plastic lumber are a wonderful choice.  These types of wheelchair accessible picnic tables last longer then traditional wood picnic tables and can be recycled into other green products later on.

One should take into consideration where the wheelchair accessible picnic table will be placed.  For example, picnic tables that are to be placed in an outdoor area with little or no shade, a picnic table with an umbrella would be a good choice.  Many manufactures now make an array of sizes, colors and patterns of umbrellas to compliment they style of picnic table that is chosen.

The height of a picnic table can vary drastically.  There are picnic tables that are specifically designed for children or adults.  It is important to take this into consideration when choosing the correct height for a wheelchair accessible picnic table.

The length of an ADA compliant picnic table can come in varying lengths.  These tables can be up to fifteen feet long or as short as five feet in length.  When deciding on the length of a wheelchair accessible picnic table, take into consideration on the location of where the picnic table will be placed.  One is sure to find a picnic table that can fit into any sized area.

ADA compliant picnic tables can come in many decorative styles, colors and shapes.  When the picnic table is made of recycled plastics such as plastic lumber, the choices in color and shape are almost endless.  Styles will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, depending on which style is preferred.

There are many choices that are now available in ADA compliant picnic tables.  The many colors, heights, lengths and decorative styles give many individuals a plethora of choices.  Since many manufacturers have now acknowledged that people differ in size and ability, it has opened up the choices that are now available in ADA compliant picnic tables.

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