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Taking Care of Plastic Lawn Furniture in the Winter

By admin - Last updated: Friday, October 23, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Many enjoy the summer months lounging outside on their plastic lawn furniture. The endless joys of sitting in a plastic chair poolside or soaking up some rays in a lounge chair are a popular pastime during the lazy days of summer. This has made plastic lawn furniture one of the “must haves,” for outdoor living. But, when summer has ended and old man winter is right around the corner, many owners of plastic lawn furniture are not sure on how to winterize it. By following a few simple steps, plastic lawn furniture can last summer after summer.

snow on a plastic chairThe first step into ensuring that plastic lawn furniture can last for many summers is to clean it. Mixing a solution of half detergent and half water in a bucket is the first step to preserving lawn furniture. Take the cleaning solution and wash away the dirt and debris with a soft cloth or a nonabrasive brush. By doing this, will ensure that all dirt and suntan oils have been washed away from the lawn furniture. In cases where white plastic lawn furniture has started to turn dingy or yellow at the end of summer, clean as directed above and then spray down with a bleach solution and let it set for several minutes. Then wash off the bleach solution with a garden hose. This will help keep the white plastic furniture bright and brilliant looking throughout the seasons.

When the plastic lawn furniture has been cleaned thoroughly of dirt and debris, it is important to let the furniture dry completely. By allowing the plastic lawn furniture to dry completely, will keep dirt and other types of debris from sticking to the furniture before storing it for the winter months.

Plastic lawn furniture should be stored in a heated area during the cold winter months. This helps keep the furniture from cracking. A basement or a heated garage is the best place to store furniture. If there is not a heated space available to store the furniture, a shed or garage will suffice. Keeping the furniture out of the elements will help it last longer.

When it is not convenient or there is no covered available space to store lawn furniture, the pieces can be covered with a tarp. First the pieces should be cleaned and stacked, and then a cover or tarp should be placed over the plastic lawn furniture. Make sure that the tarp or cover is made out of material that keeps moisture from settling on the furniture. By keeping rain and or snow off of the furniture will help prevent cracking and discoloration during cold weather.

Many people that own plastic lawn furniture find that the ease of care and great designs make it a popular favorite on patios and by pools. By following these simple yet effective steps in caring for plastic lawn furniture, it should last for many years to come.

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