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Caring for Plastic Deck Furniture

By admin - Last updated: Thursday, October 1, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Plastic deck furniture has become over the years one of the most popular type of deck furniture sold. With most of it being made out of recycled plastic material, it has become a great choice among those that are trying to be more environmentally conscience. Plastic deck furniture is generally cheaper and easier to take care of when compared to wicker, wood, cement and metal types of outdoor furniture.
plastic deck furniture
Plastic deck furniture is naturally water proof and can be left out in the elements without the worry of rot or rust attacking the material. This has made the popularity of plastic deck furniture soar with its easy of care. Even though plastic deck furniture is water proof, this does not mean that it is free of all maintenance. There are certain steps that can be taken to ensure that plastic deck furniture lasts for many summers of enjoyment.

With plastic deck furniture being water proof, it still needs to be looked after when it is exposed to rain. Water can settle in the tiny nooks and crannies of chairs and tables. The water will attract dirt and other foreign objects that can collect on the plastic deck furniture. This is an easy fix. By tipping the furniture so that all the water runs off and running a soft cloth along the crevices will remove any debris that is trapped on the plastic deck furniture. By doing this, it will keep the furniture clean when being used after a summer rain shower.

Many are perplexed on how to keep white plastic deck furniture looking new and bright. The solution is easy. First spray the furniture with a garden hose to loosen any dirt or debris. Next, mix a quarter cup of bleach with hot water in a bucket and dip a scrub brush into the mixture and scrub the plastic furniture that is to be cleaned. Let the solution set on the white plastic deck furniture for about five to ten minutes and then rinse with a garden hose. Allow to dry completely in the sun before using. This technique should bring back the original bright white color of the furniture.

To bring back the luster to dull plastic deck furniture, hose off any dirt or debris on the plastic furniture. Use a non abrasive scrub brush to clean any dirt that was not removed by the hose. Then, mix a quarter cup of vinegar in a pail of hot water and wipe on the plastic deck furniture. Hose off the vinegar mixture with clean water and allow, to dry in the sunshine.

Following a basic regiment of care for plastic deck furniture can be easy. By using these techniques that have been used for years to take care of plastic deck furniture, can help the furniture last for many more years of summer fun. With the ease of maintenance, and attractive styles have made this type of deck furniture a top seller around the world.

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