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Tips for Building a Gazebo with Synthetic Lumber

By admin - Last updated: Friday, September 18, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

There are many modern building material options for the average Do It Yourselfer to consider before diving into their next out-door construction project. Literally dozens of manufacturers are producing composite decking material that combines the wear resistance of man made technologies and the environmental considerations too keep a project “In the Green.” The benefits to these materials are numerous:

  • Longevity – A Gazebo or shed made of these materials will not structurally wear as quickly as a structure built with natural lumber. It will not crack or warp with the changing of seasons and the shift of the foundation.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Synthetic building materials are often made with weather resistant finishes or resins already built in during their manufacturing processes.
  • Aesthetics – Synthetic building materials can come in a variety of finishes. Consider your new gazebo with the look of expensive Teak or Oak but without the cost. Various other finishes are available that would never be possible to apply to traditional lumber structures, such as an appearance of Granite or Marble.
  • Comfort – Almost all synthetic decking material and lumber is Splinter Free without the need for sanding. Synthetic building materials are a time efficient way to welcome bare feet to an outdoor project without the concern for planing, sanding, or smoothing.
  • Safety – In addition to the Splinter Free environment that synthetic building materials provide another piece of mind that comes from the fact that many of these materials are extremely resistant to fire and or absorption of dangerous chemicals. Though building material can never be a total substitution for common sense and caution, some activities never possible with a wooden structure can be enjoyed in your new Gazebo or Deck area built with synthetic lumber.
  • Environmental Responsibility – Synthetic Building materials can use a variety of recycled and remanufactured materials. In addition to saving diminishing Forests, it also saves space in landfills.

There are some concerns when using synthetic building materials for your new Gazebo though. Most important is left over materials from cutting. Octagonal and Hexagonal Gazebos require a lot of angles and notches to be cut into the boards. Leftovers should be disposed of properly.

Not all synthetic materials are the same. Do your research before investing in any material that is going to be a part of your home. A simple web search will yield a number of composite decking manufacturers that publish the specification of their product. Contact manufacturer’s and request information if not readily available on the web or in your local construction supply vendor. Also check with your local zoning board to see if any certain material is prohibited in your neighborhood. brmk5yqeza

With some research and planning your new outdoor addition built from synthetic lumber will provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

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