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By admin - Last updated: Thursday, August 20, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Recycled plastic comes back into the consumer market in many different shapes and sizes. Our company started marketing solid plastic boards in 1997 made from HDPE (milk jugs, paint cans etc.). We have continued to sell solid recycle products since then, however, many other products have entered the market place and have given the consumer a much larger array of choices when it come to outdoor projects such as decks, fences, docks and landscape projects.

One of our best selling and most popular products has been outdoor landscape timbers made from recycled auto interiors left over after a auto is shredded and co-mingled HDPE plastics. The result is 6”x 6”x8’ “ties” which have a life expectancy of 75-100 years. These profiles serve as retaining walls, garden and playground boarders as well as agricultural fence post and car bollards for parking lots. The manufacturer calls their products XPontential Products and also a trade marked Impact-Posts.

There is actually several profiles of this product including: round posts, 4”x 4” x 8’ timbers, landscape timbers with a key way, and different sizes of car stops. These products are fabulous in that they not only remove waste from the trash stream, but they become something that lasts a lifetime and can be re-used again with minimal deterioration. Unlike most harder plastics this products is paintable and withstand the elements much more than any organic profile.

We have been selling these “ties” since 2002 and have had great success with tie walls, parking lots and playgrounds and many other outdoor projects. They have been our best seller in terms of product line for the past two years with a minimum of two 48,000 lbs. truck loads a year selling off our lot. This is due mainly to their reasonable price and variety of uses. We have been extremely pleased with our customer feedback and repeat customers of the product.

Tragically though, this year 2009 has not be good for the product and manufacturer. Being made in Canada they have to pass export testing which includes any potential toxins and as told by the manufacturer many older cars (1970s) had interiors which had PCBs in there composition. PCBs are polychlorinated byphenyl which is a recognized pollutant. There has been a ban on exporting the products to the United States until the PCBs can be isolated from the products.

This poses a terrible problem as mostly older autos taken out of service are being recycled, but they end up in the land fill instead of a recycled product. Plastics only began showing up in auto since the late 1960s an increased dramatically in the 1970s and beyond. The later model autos do not have the PCB problem as it became recognized as a toxin.

So, as per the manufacturer beginning 2010 the company will produce a U.S. import product specifically made from later model autos. This is great news other than it will raise the price of the products and may still increase auto waste into the trash stream.

Leave it to the government to come up with a lose/lose situation for the private sector and the environment.

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